what can I do with cfw?

Ever wondered what you can do with CFW?

This list is NOT exhaustive or complete, new things are always being developed. It is an example only.

  1. Custom themes, including home menu background splash, custom icons, boot splash and other cool stuff.
    1. Install the Anemone3DS CIA. If you did Finalizing Setup on 3ds.hacks.guide, you already have it.
    2. Find a theme on themeplaza that you like.
    3. Use Anemone's QR scan feature to download and install the theme.
    4. For splashes: enable splash settings in Luma Config (hold SELECT during boot)
    5. Wanna make a theme? Need theme help? Ask at ThemePlaza's discord.
  2. Dump your physical games to digital copies.
    1. See here for instructions on how to dump games.
    2. For CIAs dumped from cartridges: install the CIA with FBI. It will appear on your home menu. Note: You must have enough space on your SD card to MAKE the CIA as well as INSTALL it. This means that you need 2x the size of the game, but once you install it, you can delete the CIA, because a CIA is just an installer and the game will only take up 1x its size.
      For NDS games dumped to .nds files: install TWiLightMenu++ and use it to play NDS dumps.
      The other options on that page are for more specific circumstances.
    3. You can also use New Super Ultimate Injector to create installable CIAs of games from older generations, commonly SNES and GB/GBC/GBA.
  3. Hack your games.
    1. Examples: use PKHeX to modify your Pokémon games, or the AC:NL town editor by Marc Robledo to modify your AC:NL town. You are limited only by the games you own and the tools you can find on the Internet. GBAtemp is a good place to look for mod tools.
    2. Also, you can use tools like LayeredFS to patch/modify/edit your games, commonly known as "romhacks". These usually patch, add, change or expand features in games, or add story content to popular games like the Pokémon series, and sometimes involve fan translations of non-English games. Usage guide here. GBAtemp is a good place to look for romhacks. You can also try GitHub and Google.
    3. Also, you can use tools like Sharkive and Rosalina (included in Luma 8+) to cheat in your games. Not all games are supported or have cheats in the database.
  4. Use unofficial tools and applications.
    1. CFW can be used to access the Homebrew Launcher, which allows access to Homebrew tools (".3dsx" files).
    2. Install any CIA application or tool via FBI. tinyDB has a collection of common useful tools and apps.
    3. Load any valid payload (*.firm) via Luma.
    4. Rosalina is a powerful tool included with Luma 8 and above. It can take screenshots, show battery percentage, toggle wireless state and LEDs, and various other functions.
    5. NTR "CFW", despite the name, is not a custom firmware. NTR can be used to stream your console's video to a PC ("New" editions only) and access RAM editing and plugins, as well as other features.
    6. Checkpoint can be used to manage save files, including backing up current saves and reinjecting edited saves, juggling saves between cartridge/digital versions and cartridge/cartridge. If you did Finalizing Setup on 3ds.hacks.guide, you already have it.
    7. PKSM is an on-console analogue of PKHeX, which is slightly less user-friendly but almost as versatile as PKHeX.
    8. Input Redirection can be used to control your console with a game controller.
    9. Luma Updater is a simple application that allows Luma to update itself. If you did Finalizing Setup on 3ds.hacks.guide, you already have it.
  5. Use your console to its full potential.
    1. Use NTR to control your brightness settings beyond the stock levels.
    2. Use Rosalina to view and edit the loaded game's RAM.
    3. Play out-of-region games, both digital and cartridge. Enabled by Luma by default.
    4. Use Godmode9 to view, access and control your internal system files, make and restore system backups and various other important functions. Regular usage guide and extended usage guide. Note: the advanced usage guide recommends installing fastboot3ds instead of boot9strap. If you already have boot9strap and Luma via 3ds.hacks.guide, you do not need to change to fastboot3ds to use Godmode9.
    5. Region change your console. This is LIKELY to have unintended consequences and is not recommended under normal circumstances.
    6. Use old flashcarts with the extended cartridge whitelist. Enabled by Luma by default.
    7. Use ftpd on your console with a client like WinSCP to move files between console and PC over Wi-Fi.
    8. Edit your Home Menu. ADVANCED USERS ONLY. This is complex.