Frogminer: Frii CFW for 11.10 U/E/J

What This Is

Frogminer is a method of free CFW for any "3DS Family" system running firmware 11.10. It requires access to the homebrew menu. If you do not have an entry point to homebrew, Steelminer is a free way to get one. If you do not know what an entrypoint is, you do not have one. Keep reading to learn more.
If you require support with this process, please visit this Discord and ask for help in the 3ds assistance channels. Mention you are following eip's frogminer guide, which step you are up to, and what exactly you are having issues with.

Who Did It (credits from zoogie)

Before You Begin

  1. First, a test: On your console, open Download Play. It is a small orange icon with a DS console and some WiFi signals.
  2. Then, tap "Nintendo DS". If it loads successfully and you see the old DS menu, proceed to item five.
  3. If you only see a black screen or an error screen, exit Download Play, go to System Settings, Internet Settings, DS Connection Settings.
  4. If this also hangs on a black screen or an error screen instead of loading to the old DS menu, you will need to fix your TWL mode then try again.
  5. Please download and install 7-zip, the suggested archival management tool, available here.
  6. Please turn file extensions ON. Instructions for Windows here.

Two Paths

The use of Frogminer requires access to the homebrew launcher. If you do not know what this is or how to do this, you do not have access. If you do not have access, click "I do not have a homebrew entry point."
If you do already have access, click "I already have a homebrew entry point".